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In 2005, just by chance, I learned there were seven children in a Foster Care Division at our local Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch that had nothing of their own and Christmas was less than 2 weeks away. With the help of co-workers we put together “bundles” of a new pillow, pillow case, fleece blanket and a cuddly teddy bear, tied together with a ribbon.

The children were so excited and the Director of that Foster Care program shared the comments, smiles and raw emotions as each child examined their new gift and found comfort and security as they snuggled, hugged and clung to it as if never to let it go.


With the help of family and friends, Blankets & Bears grow stronger year after year. I have been fortunate to have strong support throughout our community with donations ranging from new handmade blankets and pillow cases to writing a check and dropping it into the “Bear’s” account when I need to order bulk plush animals. My mission is to build this foundation strong enough to support a child in any capacity of their needs and bring chapters of “Blankets & Bears” nationwide and into communities with poverty, homeless and neglected children. I believe every child needs to be loved, and when we personally deliver a bundle to a child it comes with a true heartfelt hug. I pray for awareness to my project, and to one day call it “McCaffree Foundation” Blankets & Bears 4 Kids..


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!


Sandy McCaffree

Blankets & Bears will stay strong in our commitment to support children in  all capacities. Our Board and supporters will provide pillows, blankets and cuddly stuffed animals to warm their souls and nurture the mental, physical and spiritual growth of all children..Materials consist of a new standard pillow, a pillow case, a 50x60 fleece or soft blanket or quilt and a medium size plush teddy bear or cuddly animal tied together in a big ribbon. Each bundle cost an average of $40. These "cuddle bundles" go to children throughout our community. We give to underprivileged children, homeless, children in crises, poor health, foster care or just needing to feel loved. With donations and public awareness we can give state wide and grow internationally serving children anytime of the year.

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