You will need:

Yard x 44/45” fabric - body
Yard x 44/45” fabric - cuff

  1. Trim pieces so they are straight
  2. Unfold & press body
  3. Unfold & press the cuff

Open cuff & place on working surface RIGHT side up lengthwise <-------->
Place body on top of cuff RIGHT side up lining up raw edges at the top.

  1. Beginning at the bottom of the “body” fabric, roll up till the “cuff” fabric begins to show.
  2. Bring the edge of body material to meet the cuff and trim. Match all raw edges together and pin in place forming a tube.  Note: the wrong side of “body” fabric should be facing you. Machine stitch along the top raw edges using 1/4" seam. Be sure to backstitch both ends.
  3. Remove the pins & pull the rolled fabric out of one end of the tube
  4. Press the cuff material away from the seam to create a crisp looking cuff.
  5. Topstitch 1/4" along the cuff seam to add a finished look to cuff (contrasting thread looks great).
  6. Fold case in half with RIGHT sides together and trim all excess material to 21" from the fold.
  7. Match up cuff & case seam together and sew the side of the case at 1/4" turning at the bottom and completing the pillowcase. Zig zag or surge raw edges to prevent raveling. Turn inside out and press completed case.

NOTE: A French seam along the side & bottom of the case will eliminate having to surge or zigzag and makes for a clean edge without loose threads.

NOTE: If using a directional pattern material such as animals, wording, boats, etc, these should be placed so they appear upside down or facing away from you. This makes them look correct on the pillowcase when facing the cuff or opening to the case. The bundles are assembled with the opening of the case at the bottom. This prevents the case from flopping open when the children are handling their new bundle. A “scattered” pattern is not affected and does not matter how it appears on the case.

Finished case approx 22x32 in

Google “tube pillowcase tutorial” for additional help

Sewing Instructions for standard pillowcase

Sewing Instructions for Fleece Blankets

  1. Lay RIGHT sides together.
  2. Trim all 4 sides to match up and remove salvage edges.
  3. Clip all sides to secure while sewing.
  4. Measure 2 1/4” Horizontal & vertical - sew all 4 sides at that width leaving a small opening on one side to pull the fabric through.
  5. Cut each corner diagonally to remove excess bulk (careful not to cut the corner stitches). 
  6. Pull material through the opening.
  7. Square the corners from inside with your finger to form a nice pointed edge.
  8. Sew small opening closed @ 1/4” or less
  9. Align material 2” horizontal & vertical and sew around the entire  blanket to form a nice finished border