2016 Jersey Day

Magic happened at McKinley School 12/20 when Tenacious Dames RC (sponsor of Blankets & Bears) delivered nearly 300 children warm bundles and happy smiles! Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours.

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The annual Blankets and Bears Bash has been helping Yellowstone County children for 11 years. 

Hello Montana - Blanket and Bears NFL Event

The Blankets and Bear Bash sponsored & hosted by Tenacious Dames RC.  This year we added 300 students from the McKinley School to our delivery this year!

Watch Sandy McCaffree on Hello Montana and what Blankets & Bears mean to the children of Yellowstone County!

Thought out the years Blankets and Bears have been blessed by being able to help those children in need with the help of the generosity of our community.

Read more about Blankets and Bears through the eyes of our local media. 

BLANKETS AND BEARS in the eyes of the media 

Magic happened at McKinley School December 20

View our 5th and final Tailgate for the season! 100% of proceeds from this event will purchase new pillows, fleece blankets and cuddly stuffed animals to be made into bundles for kids. Look for our first TV commercial to air this Sunday on NBC during Football Night in America! This is the first of many videos we will be posting online and on TV. We look forward to bringing you a number of stories throughout this #NFL season from some of the people we have helped over the years.