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“Blankets & Bears” is a nonprofit program created for children in our community and surrounding areas. Since 2005 we have provided 1000’s of needy children a new pillow, pillowcase, warm blanket & cuddly teddy bear just before the weather turns cold in December. These Bundles are given to children in Head Start Schools, after school programs, homeless shelters, foster care, and pediatric units in several different hospitals. This special gift and its uniqueness has brought many smiles and changed lives of the children receiving them.

With your support we can provide more bundles each year and reach out to the children that need our help. Each blanket and pillowcase is handmade by several volunteers, and the bundles are assembled just days before delivery. Each bundle costs an average of $40. Our team has pledged to give to more than 1000 children this year.

For information on how you can help bring more children this special gift please contact Sandy McCaffree @ 696-4308.

Jersey Day 2017

current events

Throughout the year Blankets & Bears will have various fundraisers to help provide the children of Yellowstone County with our bundles of love. 

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